A New Beginning…

I had an epiphany the other day. I came to realize that what I want for my life can happen. I just needed to change some things and prioritize the way I live my life.

So, my first step was to create my own vision board! OMG! I have to tell you it was the best experience just to sit down and create it!

I’m not even done yet! And I’ve already begun my life changing process! I’ve been given the opportunity to jump back in to my music, start new and exciting collaborations, and this is just the beginning!

For those that don’t know me, this is an important adventure that I had to take in order to change my life. I’ve been stagnant. Working jobs I didn’t like, trying to get by and stay out of the way. But the truth is, I’ve always wanted something different and just didn’t know how to self start my path.

I guess the Universe heard me, because out of no where, I’ve been getting advice by some of the most influential people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and have in my life! I can only tell you that this is the beginning of something I’ve been wanting my whole life!

From WildChyld, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Birthday Wild!

So yesterday was my birthday. I just turned 39 years old. My life currently is under construction. I live in a very small studio apartment with my dog, a little chunky Chihuahua, named Nina.  I just thought I would give everyone a clear idea of my life and who I am. Every year on my birthday something always goes wrong. Whether it be something small or the entire day just ends up jacked.

I usually try to have a birthday party, but as usual, no one ever shows up. To give insight on myself, since I was child I started off quiet and shy, then I was very outgoing and outspoken, then I had a few traumatizing events and turned into this socially awkward woman. I put on a great front, trying to be energetic in conversation when in actuality I have no idea how to be apart of life anymore. I realized last night I have no idea what I’m doing in my life right now. I’m just trying to figure it out the best way I can with a positive mind.


I look back on my life and I think about all the mistakes that I made along the way. I wasn’t perfect. I was just trying to live and survive. I’ve had a failed marriage, my children were placed in my family’s care because of it, my mother and I were constantly at odds with each other, I wasn’t exactly smart about my future. I was too busy trying to be around for my children. I lost a lot of people in my life that I thought were friends. Like I said, my life wasn’t perfect. Now that I’m older my financial situation is no where near what I would like it to be.

My life changed when I was hit by a bi-state bus while standing on the side of my car. It was October 18th, 2009. I was 30 years old. Before that accident I was outgoing, smart, free-spirited, and socially epic in large crowds. After that accident, I became something like a hermit. I wasn’t able to wear my high heels anymore, I stopped going out so often, I eventually stopped hanging out all together. For a while I was only with my family and like 2 friends. I started working again in 2013. I started gaining confidence in myself, but started realizing there were certain elements that weren’t healthy for my life. I could put on an awesome front on when I was at work. In front of customers I was always smiling and courteous, but when I got off, I was screaming in my mind. I had the hardest time being around other people.

I hate that. I actually like meeting new people. I love getting to know them, and enjoy being around great energetic vibes. I just wish I wasn’t so afraid all the time. Over the last few years I’ve had great ideas that I wanted to pursue and I would get started on them with awesome effort, but then I would start to doubt myself and never finish it. Leaving so many creative projects undone. I hate that.

I plan my birthday parties every year, and people will say they’ll come, but then no one shows up. It hurts my feelings every year, but I still try again every time hoping for a different outcome. I didn’t exactly plan a party this year. I just kind of invited a few people to hang out with me, and for once, they showed up.

I thought about a lot last night. What is keeping me from jumping out of my shell? Why have I become so awkward in social situations? So I decided to be a little more open with people about myself. I’m still a little too camera shy to do live videos or vlogs, but I figured this is a start. At least to give everyone a better understanding about who I am, and the future I’m striving to carve out for myself. After all, I’m new to this..

If you have any advice or just want to leave some encouragement  I would be grateful. Thanks you.



WildChyld’s Music

Confidence Level 1000!!!! I’m sooo into this level of freedom! I got out made some awesome accomplishments all in one day! I’m in love with the music I’ve been discovering lately! Keyshia Cole’s new album Reset is hittin’ it! She really inspired confidence in me! I’m super excited! I’m integrating myself back into my music and it’s an awe-inspiring experience. It’s like feeling this light chill go down your spine type of excitement. I’ve been listening to a lot of inspiring music lately and I’m always trying to discover new ones in search of certain vibes at different times.

There are times when I’m tryin to chill and I listen to that neo-soul type of groove to keep my mind on the creative track I’m maintaining in my mind. Then at other times I might need some energy just get myself physically motivated! Different types of music for different reasons! I love Music!

I’m a lover of all things in artistic nature, and Music is at the top! Leave me the name of the one song or the name of your favorite songs that give you energy and inspiration in the comments. I’m doing my own research on what types of music give the most inspiration to people. I’ll leave you an example of my own and you can even let me know what you think.

-Walk In My Shoes by Emily King

-Those Who Wait by Daley

-Break Of Dawn by Goapele

-Gorgeous by Jamie Fox

-#1 Fan by Plies ft Keyshia Cole and J Holiday

-Temperature by Sean Paul

-We Winnin’ by Dej Loaf

-I’m Gon Win by Dej Loaf

-Starboy by The Weeknd

-Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran

-Music For Love by Mario

These are my songs that I listen to for inspiration and confidence when I need it. It’s what works for me. Some of them I listen to more than others, but that’s me. I’ll be back in few days, let me know your music favorites and give me some suggestions of what type of music you would like me to listen to as well. I’m always open to new things.

Until then, WildChyld is out here!



WildChyld’s Music

Have you ever just felt like you wanted to just breathe? When you want to just get out and be free? That’s what I had been craving for so long that I almost forgot what I needed to have that.

Music. It was music! I came from music. It’s in my blood! I was a child born and bred from two musicians as parents. My children were born from generations of musical ancestors.

I had been so involved in work that I almost forgot about natural love for music. I needed it.

I finally had the chance to get out to a live music session tonight. It was the best time I had had in a very long time. I actually felt the freedom I had been craving. I found myself falling in love with music all over again. To feel the rhythm flow thru my body once again, it was like being reborn. I hadn’t realized how much I needed to feel it as much as hear it. I even asked one of the musicians in my mother’s band if he would teach me how to play the guitar! I’ve been researching them on Amazon to calculate how much I would need to buy one. A Fender Guitar seems like it would be perfect for me! I’m super geeked about it! Don’t Judge!


Welcome to my WildChyld journey. I’m introducing everyone to what it means to live in WildChyld’s world. I talk about books because I love them. I talk about music because it is a part of me. I will soon be talking about art because it’s a whole, beautiful, fascinating intricate part of life. I am finding life beautiful after distancing myself from all the negative and it’s my dream to bring all the epically awesome Wild Chylds of the world on this journey of freedom with me.

What is your favorite song? How do you feel when you hear it? Does it make you move? Does it give you energy? Does it help you relax? Close your eyes and really feel what it does for you. I have so many favorites at different times. When I’m feeling energetic I love to listen to some Rihanna, or Some old school Whitney if that’s what I’m into at the time. Maybe some Mary Blidge to take me back. I have music that I love to listen to when I just want to chill. But I won’t lie, I love to listen to Karen White or Monica when I feel like I want to sing my heart out. To feel the melody in my vocals is my life. To feel the chill go down my back when I feel the lyrics that my life can relate to. Hmm. Epic.


Thank you for spending this time with me, for bringing your positive vibe into this journey with me. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what your passion is, what it does for you because that’s what this is about.

For now and future, bring your high vibes and let’s breed some beautiful manifestations together.

Love’s Journey

I started this blog originally because I was trying to do something different and talk about the things I love. Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing. I just decided to go with it. Since this is me being honest, I have some thoughts that I would like to get off my chest.

I have been in the market for a new career for a total of 6 months now. I’ve tried some jewelry selling jobs that reminded me a lot of Mary Kay or Avon, and discovered very quickly they weren’t what I was interested in. I tried websites where you do surveys and offers to get paid. I found out that the money isn’t enough and the payment minimums are too high to achieve to even request the payouts. It didn’t seem fair for the number of hours you put in to do the required surveys. Anyway, that didn’t stop me from trying other avenues and testing new websites and apps. So I tried just about everything I ran across. Needless to say, there are no get rich quick sites out there, and if you want to make real money in any amount of time you have to be willing to put in a lot of work and effort.

I decided to write blog posts because I do like to write, but I didn’t want to have to go by anyone’s rules and timelines for what I should write about or how I should write about anything. I wanted to be able to go on my timeline and talk about what I wanted the way I wanted. I’ve discovered how to build a dropshipping store, but then realized I didn’t have the money to advertise it. Like I said, this is a journey. I’m still trying out new things to see what works for me. I looked into finding information about becoming a Brand Ambassador and found out I honestly didn’t meet all the requirements. I’m no socialite. I rarely visit the sites that I have accounts with, and I didn’t have the faintest clue how to generate more followers or friends. I’ve always been a loner by nature.

What it boils down to is, I needed to change some things about myself if I want to get ahead in my life. I decided to change the way I speak, change the way I eat, change the way I think. When you think negative, negative things always tend to gravitate to you. When you eat the wrong things, your weight can become an issue, which creates negative thoughts about yourself, we can’t have that because you know where that leads. When you think negative thoughts, the negative things you’re thinking can be said to come true. Be careful.

So this is my journey to a new life, new me, new world. I’m not done yet and I don’t mind if you would like to come on this journey with me.