WildChyld Inspiration

So I’ve been having fun with different Ideas. Putting together inspiring quotes, creating and painting! I love it! I have a few to show, I hope you enjoy them! Be inspired to be You, and become the best You possible! Love and Light!

Keep in mind, that I’m showing you my journey through all this. My Art, my thoughts, and soon my own music. This is me showing my progression to the world as I go. My goal is to show that it is Never too late and it is Always Possible!

For those that donate to my blog, I humbly appreciate your support, I couldn’t get the materials I needed without you. Thank You.

WildChyld Inspiration

Welcome back to my journey everyone! I’ve been falling in love with life lately. To write positive affirmations everyday truly has been an epic and eye-opening experience.

It really is true that as long as you’re in a positive state of mind your world begins to change in miraculous ways. So I’ve put together more of these beautiful words for those of you who love them just as much as me, and for those that sincerely need to have them as part of their lives as well.

I’m accepting donations if anyone wishes to see more of my content as it progressively gets better. Just log on to paypal.me/WildChyld to support. I humbly thank you for any contribution.

WildChyld Inspiration

So I decided to sell my handwriting. (Laughing) I’m actually very serious. My entire life, people have asked me to write things for them because my handwriting is nice. So I decided, why keep doing this for free?

I started writing affirmations on paper, and even though I don’t have everything I need quite yet, I do have some good ones that I want everyone to see. So I hope you all enjoy these. Because I enjoyed writing them.

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Thank you for your support.