WildChyld’s Music

Confidence Level 1000!!!! I’m sooo into this level of freedom! I got out made some awesome accomplishments all in one day! I’m in love with the music I’ve been discovering lately! Keyshia Cole’s new album Reset is hittin’ it! She really inspired confidence in me! I’m super excited! I’m integrating myself back into my music and it’s an awe-inspiring experience. It’s like feeling this light chill go down your spine type of excitement. I’ve been listening to a lot of inspiring music lately and I’m always trying to discover new ones in search of certain vibes at different times.

There are times when I’m tryin to chill and I listen to that neo-soul type of groove to keep my mind on the creative track I’m maintaining in my mind. Then at other times I might need some energy just get myself physically motivated! Different types of music for different reasons! I love Music!

I’m a lover of all things in artistic nature, and Music is at the top! Leave me the name of the one song or the name of your favorite songs that give you energy and inspiration in the comments. I’m doing my own research on what types of music give the most inspiration to people. I’ll leave you an example of my own and you can even let me know what you think.

-Walk In My Shoes by Emily King

-Those Who Wait by Daley

-Break Of Dawn by Goapele

-Gorgeous by Jamie Fox

-#1 Fan by Plies ft Keyshia Cole and J Holiday

-Temperature by Sean Paul

-We Winnin’ by Dej Loaf

-I’m Gon Win by Dej Loaf

-Starboy by The Weeknd

-Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran

-Music For Love by Mario

These are my songs that I listen to for inspiration and confidence when I need it. It’s what works for me. Some of them I listen to more than others, but that’s me. I’ll be back in few days, let me know your music favorites and give me some suggestions of what type of music you would like me to listen to as well. I’m always open to new things.

Until then, WildChyld is out here!



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