WildChyld’s Music

Have you ever just felt like you wanted to just breathe? When you want to just get out and be free? That’s what I had been craving for so long that I almost forgot what I needed to have that.

Music. It was music! I came from music. It’s in my blood! I was a child born and bred from two musicians as parents. My children were born from generations of musical ancestors.

I had been so involved in work that I almost forgot about natural love for music. I needed it.

I finally had the chance to get out to a live music session tonight. It was the best time I had had in a very long time. I actually felt the freedom I had been craving. I found myself falling in love with music all over again. To feel the rhythm flow thru my body once again, it was like being reborn. I hadn’t realized how much I needed to feel it as much as hear it. I even asked one of the musicians in my mother’s band if he would teach me how to play the guitar! I’ve been researching them on Amazon to calculate how much I would need to buy one. A Fender Guitar seems like it would be perfect for me! I’m super geeked about it! Don’t Judge!


Welcome to my WildChyld journey. I’m introducing everyone to what it means to live in WildChyld’s world. I talk about books because I love them. I talk about music because it is a part of me. I will soon be talking about art because it’s a whole, beautiful, fascinating intricate part of life. I am finding life beautiful after distancing myself from all the negative and it’s my dream to bring all the epically awesome Wild Chylds of the world on this journey of freedom with me.

What is your favorite song? How do you feel when you hear it? Does it make you move? Does it give you energy? Does it help you relax? Close your eyes and really feel what it does for you. I have so many favorites at different times. When I’m feeling energetic I love to listen to some Rihanna, or Some old school Whitney if that’s what I’m into at the time. Maybe some Mary Blidge to take me back. I have music that I love to listen to when I just want to chill. But I won’t lie, I love to listen to Karen White or Monica when I feel like I want to sing my heart out. To feel the melody in my vocals is my life. To feel the chill go down my back when I feel the lyrics that my life can relate to. Hmm. Epic.


Thank you for spending this time with me, for bringing your positive vibe into this journey with me. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what your passion is, what it does for you because that’s what this is about.

For now and future, bring your high vibes and let’s breed some beautiful manifestations together.

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