WildChyld Best Reads!

I have a passion for reading my favorite books. I’m not ashamed! I love to read! Some of my favorite Authors are Anne Rice, Sarah J Maas, Deborah Harkness, just to name a few. I collect books when they’re written in a series. I’ve read a few novels, but my interest always snags on a good book when it’s a part of something larger. Which means to me, the story isn’t over, and for my imaginative mind, that is awesome! I hate for good stories to end!

I’m still hoping that The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness will have a sequel! Don’t judge me! I’m a die-hard fan!

I’m currently in the middle of reading the last part of The Throne of Glass series. Let me just say, I’m honestly hoping that she’s really done with that series. It’s awesome! It has everything I could possibly love in a fantasy book! Sarah Maas is climbing the chart of my reads!
If you’re looking for me to tell you what the books are about that’s not going to happen. Only because I don’t want to give too much away. I honestly just recommend that you read it for yourself. You can find her books on Amazon for really reasonable prices. I can say that you truly will not be disappointed.

I also am currently in the middle of waiting for the next installment of Mortal Instruments. I’m not a huge fan of the tv series, and they completely botched the movie, but the books, are a thousand times worth reading! If they had truly followed the series when they did the tv projects, I feel they would’ve been way better in ratings. But I’m secretly hoping they redo the movie and make it into a great franchise because the books make it that good. I’m aware that Cassandra Clare has had major bad reviews about herself, but speaking from my own opinion, I love her books. I don’t know the woman personally, and she probably has plenty of faults she’s not proud of, but she’s an awesome writer and is very talented to have brought out so many parts to the series that keep people glued to the pages. I have been known by a lot of people to patiently wait for books, I mean for a year to 2 years at a time! I have done that with this series because it was that great to me. You don’t have to take my opinion. Buy the books! Do like I did, and buy them one at a time! Or buy the complete set! Either way, read them! You won’t be sorry that you did.


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