The Burton-Burrage Family Reunion!

My family! I had the best weekend meeting another part of my family for the very first time! It was also my first time going to Chicago! I would have like for all three of my children to have been there but I had my first born daughter with me, so it was still a very memorable experience. Whatever, it was awesome! We had so much fun!

I learned so much about my family. These are beautiful, intelligent, smart, funny, witty and awesome individuals that I look forward to getting to know and spending more time with. Everyone has a talent, a passion for life and what they do! I love it! My father and his beautiful wife, themselves have a wonderful non for profit business helping children all across the world. I have never been more proud of where I came from. I just wanted to share with everyone the excitement, joy and love that I felt when I took this trip. That’s all for now, from Wild Chyld.

Wild Chyld’s Life…

This has been a very eye opening year. I’m still progressing on the things that I’ve learned and still learning. I’ve recently become single after being in a relationship for the last 4 years. So as you can probably imagine I’m still adjusting to it. I’ve learned that I’m having a hard time letting go.

Anyway, I’m getting ready for a couple of road trips at the end of the month, so I’ll have a lot for everyone to hear about and see from my new adventures I’m embarking in.

This is the new chapter of Wild Chyld life.

I’m also contemplating a move out of St. Louis, MO. This will be a life changing experience and perhaps my first step toward my dream to travel. I’m excited, and a little scared at the same time. I’m realizing that I am at a stage in my life where I could really go in any direction I want, but don’t exactly know which way I’m going. At the moment I’m kind of winging it and seeing which way the wind is taking me.

I’m not going to lie, I’m honestly having a good time letting the adventure happen. I all of a sudden feel alive! Like I’ve been asleep inside, and now my inner self is released! Haha, I love my life!!

Wild Chyld Life

So the past two weeks have been like a whirl wind. I’ve picked up more hours at work, started working on a huge project that’s taking a lot of time and money, and started rehearsals for the band that my mom, my daughter and I have decided to start.

As you can probably tell, it’s all been pretty overwhelming. I also had to attend a funeral and I had the opportunity to meet family that I had no idea I had.

So many things have been happening that I’ve been trying to step back and work out a piece of mind in between. (I’m laughing at myself in the process) I truly love my life right now, and I’m excited for all the opportunities that I’m about to jump into!

I just thought I’d give everyone an update since I haven’t posted in a while. Thanks everyone for the support and friendships that you’ve become for me!

Peace, Love, and High VIBRATIONAL thoughts!

Wild Chyld!

WildChyld Inspiration

So I’ve been having fun with different Ideas. Putting together inspiring quotes, creating and painting! I love it! I have a few to show, I hope you enjoy them! Be inspired to be You, and become the best You possible! Love and Light!

Keep in mind, that I’m showing you my journey through all this. My Art, my thoughts, and soon my own music. This is me showing my progression to the world as I go. My goal is to show that it is Never too late and it is Always Possible!

For those that donate to my blog, I humbly appreciate your support, I couldn’t get the materials I needed without you. Thank You.

WildChyld Inspiration

I’m learning that positivity isn’t easy to have when you are always surrounded by others with nothing but negative mindsets. It’s like being in a whirlpool where they are constantly trying to suck you down into an abbys of depressing thoughts.

I started doing positive affirmations to keep myself out that pit of despair. I noticed that I was having problems every where I looked. I was behind on my rent, my bills, my relationship was starting to struggle, I was losing confidence in myself and couldn’t figure out what I was trying to do with my life. My children were having problems. I realized I needed to do something.

I know my work is unconventional, and not what some would call art, but I’m not doing this for their opinion of what it looks like. I’m doing it because the positive messages that are written on them need to be out here not just for me but for other people like me who need to hear it, see it, and feel it.

They work. Positive thoughts give way to positive feelings, which lead to living a wonderful life. I have never had so much fun in my life! Before I started doing this I was terrified of the things I was going through. I had no confidence in myself or my future, and now I feel like I can accomplish anything.

There are people out there that I like to call spiritual vampires. They seek out those of us that are spiritually healthy and try to suck the joy out you, leaving behind helpless and hopelessness in your core. They walk away happy, while you are stuck wondering why you feel the way you do. These affirmations are like shields! People who are negative don’t like to be around you when you’re on constant positive kick! I love it! It’s like having super powers! You can manifest anything you want in life just by having a strong positive thought process. Believing in every positive word, claiming every positive thought, and being grateful for them and the things you already have and are receiving! It’s not easy, but, the more you do it the easier it becomes. It’s called work and progress. You can’t get anything without putting in some kind of effort. Come on, let’s be a little realistic. (Laughing)

The effort into it is so worth it, though, that you won’t even realize it! That’s what I think is the best part about it! I’m starting on a new affirmation project that I think will be beautiful when I’m done. Don’t worry, I’ll have pictures in a later post of the completed project.

Thank you to all those that donated, this wouldn’t be possible without your contributions. So I’m shouting out my gratitude to all of you who helped with this, Thank you. From the bottom of my heart I’m so grateful.

This has been a beautiful journey that I’ve been traveling down, and I can’t wait to experience the adventure ahead with everyone!

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WildChyld Inspiration

Welcome back to my journey everyone! I’ve been falling in love with life lately. To write positive affirmations everyday truly has been an epic and eye-opening experience.

It really is true that as long as you’re in a positive state of mind your world begins to change in miraculous ways. So I’ve put together more of these beautiful words for those of you who love them just as much as me, and for those that sincerely need to have them as part of their lives as well.

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WildChyld Inspiration

So I decided to sell my handwriting. (Laughing) I’m actually very serious. My entire life, people have asked me to write things for them because my handwriting is nice. So I decided, why keep doing this for free?

I started writing affirmations on paper, and even though I don’t have everything I need quite yet, I do have some good ones that I want everyone to see. So I hope you all enjoy these. Because I enjoyed writing them.

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